Mama, you've got this...

I am so incredibly lucky to have such an awesome daughter. I get so tied up looking after her and worrying about her that I forget one important thing, that despite everything and all the little challenges parenting brings, I'm doing ok.

I realised this fact when my friend came to see me the other day and told me that I was doing a good job as a mother. Not many people tell you that and by getting wrapped up in the smaller details you sometimes forget the bigger picture. Just that one sentence boosted me and gave me the reassurance that you sometimes need as a parent.

And the best gift, apart from my daughter, is that my parents gave me the best childhood I could wish  for and I hope I can do the same in return for my little one...

So, even during the tough times as a mum, always remember, "Mama, you've got this"...

Old English Company Competition

As a Graphic Designer and font fanatic, I absolutely love the hand-drawn typography designed stationery and homeware products created by the Old English Company, based in Stamford, UK.

In an effort to be more organised (my partner always sarcastically comments that I am certainly not, ahem), I was particularly drawn to the beautiful planners, especially the on-trend copper and blush pink ones!
Or, of course, you can find planners in different colours such as grey or black, more subdued designs but still just as sophisticated. Each planner is a handy A5 size (small enough to fit in your bag!), with 380 pages of 100gsm notepaper and includes useful checklists inside. You can find out more about the range by visiting the website here:

And even more exciting is you can enter a competition to win a set of four!
But be quick, they will be choosing the winner on the 26th Apri…

Prestige Flowers - Unboxing!

Beautiful gifts from Prestige Flowers
I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a luxury box of chocolates, flowers and a teddy from Michael at Prestige Flowers, who was friendly, helpful and efficient.
The dispatch to my home (in the deepest, darkest south!) from West Yorkshire was only two days, impressive considering we were battling extreme weather conditions courtesy of Storm Emma and 'The Beast from The East!'. In fact, the fast delivery put other services to shame.
On unboxing the flowers, I noticed a beautiful aroma coming from them, the bouquet itself coming from a mix of fresh eucalyptus, roses, lilies and daisies. I was even more pleasantly surprised to find a vase AND a gift bag. They certainly look beautiful on my dressing table (pictured below).

Included in the package was a sleek box of British crafted 'Valley Chocolates', consisting of various flavours such as Lemon Truffle, Sweet Mandarin and Mango Fancy. Now, I am quite fussy about chocolate, especially u…

Easter Treats 2018 - Alternative Gifts to Chocolate Eggs!

Alternative Easter Treats for 2018
Well, what can I say? We all love (or at least most of us!) chocolate, but sometimes, it's nice to get something a bit different, whether you are watching your sugar intake or not! 
First up, is my children's book, Rabbits & Their Night-Time Habits (The Amusing Adventures of Missy and Mr. Bun) The first edition stocks are running low, so if you would like to purchase it, please do so here.

The second Easter treat, is the most splendid Easter themed box featuring my very own March hare artwork, containing three delicious teas to try from the lovely people at Bluebird Tea Co. You can find out more by clicking here.

And lastly (oh my!) Is this scrumptious Dragon's Egg eye palette and highlighter make up, beautiful presented in of course, you've guessed it - a little egg. I bought this recently but I must admit it was much smaller than I imagined! But that's ok, it saves more inches on my waistband! For more information on this palett…

DIY Heart Pom Pom Wreath


Trying out the Simply Cook box


The Method Rose Gold Collection

I've always been a fan of Method cleaning products for years and discovered the new Rose Gold collection in my local Tesco (if only I could afford the real rose gold!) The lovely bottle design is of course in the colour of rose gold, with a geometric pattern. Since doing more research, there is actually a whole metallics collection (squee! Partner rolls his eyes!).

For more information, click on the following link: